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Bauer to the ‘Burgh : My official pitch for Trevor Bauer to sign with the Pirates

By Ryan Simpson In the latest episode of Trevor Bauer’s offseason blog, which every baseball fan should be watching, Bauer and his agent Rachel Luba talked about the MLB offseason. Bauer proposed several different ways that the MLB could “spice up” the offseason to be on par with the NBA’s. Agent Luba talks about the recent player grievances against teams

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“I had my baseball journey and now I am helping others showcase theirs”: A Conversation with Chase d’Arnaud

By Ryan Simpson “I had my baseball journey and now I’m helping others showcase theirs” Chase d’Arnaud’s baseball journey took him all over the country. Born in Torrance, California, Chase was drafted in the 44th round by the hometown Los Angeles Dodgers in 2005. “I wasn’t in one of those positions to know which team I would be drafted by.

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