Smeltzer’s Sunday Seven II: Top Seven Adam Sandler Movie Heroes

Every Adam Sandler movie has a hero. As Sandler’s character tries to get the girl, win the big game or take over the company, there’s always somebody along the way that helps make it happen. My first “Sunday seven” ranking was dedicated to the best villains of films starring Adam Sandler. Now, it’s time to talk about the good guys (and girls). Before I reveal the list, here are some honorable mentions.

Vicki Vallencourt, The Waterboy

“Want me to kill them?”

Vicki Vallencourt

Vicki Vallencourt is the only person to appear in both of my Sandler-themed lists. Yes, she was a hoodlum that probably negatively influenced Sandler’s Bobby Boucher in their married life. Still, she was “The Waterboy’s” friend before he had any others and stuck with Bobby after the townspeople turned their backs on him.

Principal Anderson, Billy Madison

It was just a stunt! He was supposed to pinch my leg if he was running short of air!

Max Anderson

Yes, Principal Max Anderson lied about Billy Madison on local television but only after being blackballed by the evil Eric Gordon and his knowledge of Anderson wrestling career as “The Revolting Blob.” He even said, “I’m sorry, Billy,” on the air. Later, Principal Anderson did the right thing in admitted that he had lied, and best of all, he put himself in harm’s way to save Billy from death later on.

Brian Madison, Billy Madison

Because you took your own sweet ass time coming down here tonight, these gentlemen are going to miss their last flights home.

Brian Madison

I debated whether I should have Billy’s rich father in the seven but kept him out due to him not believing Billy after Principal Anderson set him up with Eric pulling the strings. Nonetheless, he gave Billy a chance to graduate from high school legitimately, and without him, Billy would have never worked real hard and stuck it out ’till graduation day.

No. 7: Derek Wallace, The Waterboy

My mama says that, too! Aren’t all mamas the same?

Derek Wallace

When Bobby joined the Mud Dogs, the players on the team thought him to be a joke, at best, and wanted to kill him, at worst. Derek Wallace didn’t conform, almost instantly befriending Bobby. At a time when Momma Boucher thought Vicki Valencourt to be the devil and before Bobby became a superstar, it was Derek and Mr. Coach Klien who lent helping hands.

No 6: Virginia Venit, Happy Gilmore

I didn’t see it go in

Virginia Venit

She was working for the tour, and she fell for one of the players.

That sounds like a no-no, but in Virginia Venit’s case, she could balance her attraction to Happy Gilmore with her job responsibilities. She was willing to make out with Happy but also wasn’t afraid to pull the reigns when he was being too much of a goof.

Most importantly, Ms. Venit talked Happy into playing Shooter McGavin for the tour championship.

No. 5: Mr. Coach Klein, The Waterboy

I just hate him! I hate him! I hate him!

Mr. Coach Klein

Bobby Boucher was a mentally disabled Waterboy. Then, he became a stud football player. Mr. Coach Klein gave him that chance, and for that, he belongs on this list.

No. 4: Grandma Gilmore, Happy Gilmore

Sir, may I trouble you for a glass of warm milk? It helps put me to sleep.

Grandma Gilmore

She once dressed as Gene Simmons from KISS to cheer a young Happy up. She was the sweetest woman in the world.

No. 3: Chubbs Peterson, Happy Gilmore

You’re acting like a damn fool!

Chubbs Peterson

Happy Gilmore saw himself as a hockey player. Chubbs Peterson saw Happy Gilmore as a golfer. Chubbs was right. Happy was a young, punk kid, and Chubbs was a wise owl. Chubbs knew Happy needed to learn how to put to win the tour championship, and eventually, Happy saw the light. Without Chubbs, Happy doesn’t get that gold jacket.

No. 2: Julia Sullivan, The Wedding Singer

That was the most beautiful song

Julia Sullivan

Robby Hart needed somebody to love after Linda left him. Enter Julia Sullivan. She once was engaged to a rich jerk, but then, she found what she needed, and that was Robby.

No. 1: Veronica Vaughn, Billy Madison

Veronica, I thank you. For beating the s*** out of me!

Billy Madison

At first, Ms. Vaughn dismissed Sandler’s Billy Madison as “a nuisance.”

But after she got to know Billy, she gave him a chance and eventually became his girlfriend. When Billy wanted to give up after Eric Gordon devised a plan to sabotage him, Ms. Vaughn physically beat him down and inspired Billy to challenge Eric to an academic decathlon.

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