Donny Football Hot Takes: #7 – Doubling Down; Cam Newton Retires

As the great Otis Day once said, “it feels so good to be back here at the Dexter Lake Club.” Well, it feels good to have football back. Actually, it feels great—the best time of the year. Like last year, I’ve decided to drop some hot takes again to count down the final seven days before the 2021 NFL regular season officially kicks off in Tampa Bay.
To start us off, I’m going to double down because of how close I came last year. This year, I think I got it. Cam Newton is done. He will retire after the 2021 season. I went bold with this last year, so maybe this prediction has lost some luster, but I think I’m on to something, especially after the news of his release Tuesday.

Newton was OK, at best, last year. He started 15 games, finishing with just 2,657 passing yards, eight touchdowns and 10 interceptions. What gave the perception that he was more productive was his work on the ground. Newton compiled 592 yards on 137 carries and 12 scores. Newton failed to reach 200 passing yards NINE times (read that in your best Ed Rooney voice from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) in 2020. Newtown failed to reach triple digits in passing yards FOUR times. Yeah, yeah, he ran the ball effectively, most of the time, but if you can’t throw the football in the National Football League in 2021, you can’t cut it.

Newton is a former MVP and was once an elite player in the league, but those days are past now. He could latch on as a backup somewhere or find himself a potential starting job, but after getting beat out by an utterly unproven rookie, how many options around the league come to mind?

It’s the Mac Jones era in New England with the rookie beating out a former NFL MVP. Could the Bill Belichick stamp of disapproval be the final nail in the coffin to Cam Newton? For the second year in a row, I think so.

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