Best To Bet: NHL 2021 Season

By Austin Shaw

With the return of the NHL Season and it only being 56 games, now is the time to get your futures bets in. I’m using both Fanduel (FD) and Barstool Sportsbook (BS) for the Odds.

As of Monday, January 11th at 10 a.m. here are the teams I believe have the best betting odds to win the Stanley Cup.

Colorado Avalanche: FD +650. BS +650.

The Avs are the favorites this year. They are stacked! They have an unbelievably deep lineup full of veterans and young studs. This is who I have winning it all this year.

Dallas Stars: FD +2200. BS +2500.

Returning Stanley Cup Finalists at +2200 and +2500?!? Yeah, go ahead and hammer something down on the Stars. Even if it’s just $10. I do not see the Stars being a one-and-done team. They’re going to be good this year.

Las Vegas Golden Knights: FD +850 . BS +800.

If any team takes down the Avs is going to be the Golden Knights. The Knights have come close since they entered the league. I think they’re going to get it done one of these years. I’ll continue to put money down on them every year.

Pittsburgh Penguins: FD +1800 . BS +2100.

I have to have the Pens on here with these odds. The Pens could very well miss the playoffs this year. They also could win the Stanley Cup. If Sidney Crosby is on the team, you can’t count him out. Put some money on the Pens.

Edmonton Oilers: FD +2000. BS +2600.

These odds are too good to pass up. At least $10 on these guys. I think Draisaitl and McDavid are going to figure it out. Kahun is going to add to this team well. Yes, it’s going to be hard to win the North, but I think Edmonton can do it.

Team not to take: Toronto, Tampa Bay, Washington, Islanders.

Don’t ever put your money on Toronto. As I like to say, “Fook the Leafs.”

Tampa isn’t going back to back. Kucherov is out all season. I’m counting them out.

Washington is done. They don’t have it anymore and could even be the odd team out of the East this year. Too risky.

The Islanders? Come on now. These guys are bums. I don’t care that they signed Barzal. They are boring. Their trap only gets them so far and until they can play solid hockey and not just a counter attack they aren’t winning a cup. Sorry.

The season starts Wednesday, make sure to read my previous article that previews the season and tells you all of the rule changes and division set up as well as playoffs.

Can’t wait for Wednesday, COMON!

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