Mandalorian recap: Season 2, Episode 7

By Sam Hixson

We haven’t seen a father this pissed off about losing his kid since Adam Sandler in Big Daddy. The Mandalorian is on the hunt for Moff Gideon to retrieve Grogu and he will go to any length necessary to secure America’s Sweetheart. Any length including enlisting the help of a man who betrayed him in season 1, Miggs Mayfeld. Mayfeld is portrayed by Bill Burr and if you know his work you would know him as a major comedy guy. He brought his witty sense of humor and slick one liners to the role of Miggs Mayfeld. I loved how he has parts in the script where it’s written like him doing one of his famous stand up routines. The Mandalorian and Mayfeld have an exchange where it is Mayfeld doing all the talking and he is putting Mando in the pressure cooker about his helmet and beliefs. It is a good ol fashioned roast which is exactly what would play into Bill Burr’s strengths as a comedian. I thought that was awesome. It’s not just the comedy about Burr that amazes me. It’s how adaptable he is to all the dramatic scenes and dialogue that happens in the episode. An acting swiss army knife. His scene in the mess hall with Valin Hess was captivating. I also loved how real he was with the Mandalorian in many instances whether it was protecting Mando’s honor or just being honest with him. Miggs Mayfeld really is a well written character and Bill Burr’s impeccable acting takes him over the top.

This episode of the Mandalorian didn’t have any Grogu sightings in it but it was still as action packed as usual. The Mandalorian of course can’t go through any mission without some bumps in the road and in this episode it’s a group of Pirates who are on a class field trip to blow up some Rhydonium-filled trucks. One of those trucks of course is driven by Miggs and the Mandalorian. The Mandalorian, even without his armor and a gun for the majority of the fight, fends them off and ends up with the admiration of hundreds of stormtroopers and commanding officers. Miggs mentions to the Mandalorian in the truck that when Mando gets desperate, his rules start to change. The Mandalorian has to get the coordinates to Moff Gideons ship and in order to do so he has to go through a face scan. He makes himself very vulnerable in this situation by removing his helmet to get through the scan. All to get back our little green friend.

Miggs and Mando are forced to fake their way through with an officer that Miggs used to serve under and it ends up with everyone having a drink. Miggs fulfills a dream of many Americans, murdering your boss, after a brief but powerful discussion with Hess. You can’t just kill an officer in his own base without a little commotion: cue the mess hall battle.  Before the start of the mess hall battle, Miggs tells Mando that he will defend his honor by not telling people he saw him unmasked. A very classy gesture. More chaos ensues, Mando and Miggs make their escape with Fennec and Cara Dune cleaning house with snipers. Before they get away, Miggs blows up the entire Rhydonium plant and tells the Mandalorian he’s gotta sleep somehow. There was a cool Attack of the Clones easter egg whenever Boba Fett is flying away with everyone trying to avoid the TIE fighters and he drops a capsule out of the ship that incinerates both ships. The same technique Jango Fett used when trying to capture Obi Wan. Cara Dune allows Mayfeld to walk free from the prison because of his honorable work. The next scene of Moff Gideon receiving the Mandalorian’s message made me angry the episode had to end. I wanted the Finale then and there.

In true Liam Neeson “Taken” fashion, The Mandalorian says he is coming for Moff Gideon. Repeating the speech Gideon gave him in Season 1 when he said “You have something I want.”. Ladies and Gents, I am fired up for this Season Finale. It’s gonna be a blast before the year long wait for Season 3. Let’s finish strong.

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