The Mandalorian Recap: Season 2, Episode 6

By Sam Hixson, Guest Contributor

Alright let’s cut to the chase, this was the best episode of season 2. It generated shock, nostalgia and even more questions to be answered. It was all one big wow moment that has everyone ravenous for episode 7. Grogu, who’s recently found out name still sounds like an off brand Italian cooking sauce, has to get to the planet Tython in order to reconnect with his roots to the force and make strides at using his unquestioned power for good. He and Mando have a really good bonding moment in the ship before they reach the planet. You can detect the sadness in the Mandalorian’s voice realizing he may be leaving his small green friend very soon. Their journey has been an eventful one up to this point and they have become close despite the communication barriers. Grogu begins to meditate and make connections to the force when we get the biggest wow moment of season 2 so far.

I know I erupted when I saw Boba Fett’s ship ascend from the clouds. It would be really something to see a theatre of Star Wars lunatics watch this moment. It would be like the viral video of the soccer fans in the bar reacting to a goal being scored on TV but trolls replace the screen with like Cris Collinsworth sliding in to the SNF broadcast. Those kind of vibes. Anyway, Boba Fett is not alone. Fennec Shand, the assassin from season 1 who was left for dead, makes her return fighting alongside Boba. Boba has returned for his armor and will offer protection for Grogu in exchange for his armor back. Remember the tracking beacon put on Razor Crest a couple episodes ago? Well here it comes to bite Mando in the ass. Stormtroopers have entered the chat and they are coming for Grogu. The fighting is spectacular and we get another wow moment with Boba Fett getting his armor back on and absolutely dismantling dozens of Stormtroopers before blowing up their two ships. Sitting in that sarlacc pit must’ve been very good for Boba. All of the sudden he is this badass fighter with precision and flawless execution when in Return of the Jedi he looked like he could barely lace up his boots and turn on his Jet Pack. I don’t know how sitting in the Sarlacc’s lower intestine got him to this point but I am all here for this glow up.

It has not been a kind season for the Mandalorian’s ship and this time it has seen its last days in space. A giant laser obliterates the Razor Crest and before Mando can feel sorry for himself, Moff Gideon’s Dark Troopers scoop Grogu up and take him to their cruiser waiting in the sky. The Mandalorians worst nightmare has come true, the Empire has his best friend. Mando turns to Cara Dune for help. Well, not from her directly but someone in the prison registry, Migs Mayfield. Mayfield was from season 1 in the episode with the prison break. I look forward to possibly seeing him played by Bill Burr again in this season. A look in at the imperial cruiser shows Grogu ragdolling two stormtroopers while Moff Gideon looks on. Moff Gideon knocks Grogu out and tells his officer to tell Dr. Pershing they have a suitable donor. Donor for what is the real question. What is the Empire creating that Grogu is required for? Whatever it is will be a real powerful specimen with Grogu’s abilities. Will Grogu be used for activities other than blood donating? Will Moff Gideon attempt to train America’s Sweetheart into doing evil? He did show him his darksaber before he stunned him. I look forward to seeing Mando’s journey to getting Grogu back in the final episodes of Season 2.

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