Taking a break from Penn State

I’m going on strike.

I have to do it. They’ve left me no choice.

I’ve known that this Penn State season was going to hell since the Nittany Lions embarrassed themselves and everybody associated with them against Maryland That didn’t stop me from watching them do the same against Nebraska and Iowa.

But there has to come a point in time when a man takes a break.

Maybe it won’t be a long break. If Penn State beats Michigan, the team will still suck, but in all likelihood, my eyes will be on the Rutgers game that is 12 days away. Hey, maybe I could convince myself that the win was due to somebody within the program somehow coming along this hit piece.

In the more likely event that Penn State loses to Michigan— maybe even loses badly— well, then they choice becomes more challenging.

Hell, I’ll probably watch them play Rutgers anyway. For one, I will have proven my point by striking the Michigan game, and secondly, Penn State will have proven that it sucks regardless of how my ass chooses to enjoy a game.

I don’t want to get any flack for being “fair weather” either. I’ll be checking the Michigan game for updates every hour, and obviously will still be rooting for Penn State to win. It’s not like the Nittany Lions are playing for the No. 1 pick in the 2021 college football draft, hehe.

Besides, when your favorite team is 0-5, you can do whatever you want. I want to not subject myself to, to quote Apollo Creed, “a damn monster movie” Saturday night.

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