Mandalorian Breakdown: Season 2, Episode 2

By Sam Hixson, Guest Contributor

After his fiery battle with the Krayt Dragons intestines, The Mandalorian returns back to visit Peli Motto and get his ship back. His way back encounters a group of savages that are trying to take the Mandalorian for everything he’s got. This is an epic fight scene that of course has the Mandalorian beat the pants off of multiple dudes, something he has grown accustomed to since his first encounters with the Child. The Mandalorian does indeed have a soft spot in his heart for the Child and that fatherlike embrace once again shows in a standoff with the last of the savages who has a knife up the Child’s neck. Mando gets the best of him per usual in the negotiation process and the little savage realized he bit off a bit more than he could chew when his body is soaring into the air.

The Mandalorian and Peli Motto have an interesting dynamic between them, she has a knack for giving him leads but also seems to have a price for every single one of them. We meet the price in the hangar when Peli introduces Mando to her friend who she has known for all of half an hour but insists that she vouches for her. This frog like creature is the equivalent to the girls that meet in a club bathroom and become best friends for Peli Motto and now she is dumping her on the Mandalorian. Just cold. Not to mention Mando can’t travel as fast as he would like to because the Frog needs her eggs to be kept safe. Here we are introduced to one of my favorite storylines of the episode, The Child trying to consume the eggs.

Baby Yoda is one hungry bastard and these eggs certainly couldn’t stay out of his paws for too long. That’s one thing about Favreau’s writing that I really appreciate is his ability to keep us engaged with all the characters by giving them different angles. We all need our Baby Yoda fix and this little storyline keeps him in the plot as much as possible. It also adds great comic relief to a plot that does not lack action at all. Of course the Mandalorian gets into some hot water with the feds and gets himself and the others a couple feet under the frozen tundra. His ship is wrecked. I think the most important scene in the episode happens amidst the wreckage whenever the Frog overtakes a dismantled droid’s voice box and talks to the Mandalorian about getting her home. It takes the Frog insulting the Mandalorians honor to make him realize the way that the Frog cares about her eggs is the way he cares about the Child. The Mandalorian has come a long way from being a guy who thinks about himself only. His willingness to help others has become stronger and stronger since he has run into the Child.

This Frog is pushing it even further. The action hits again when tonight’s danger entree is served to us in the form of giant Spiders. This really made me think of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and their spider scene. I wonder if Favreau used that as inspiration for this scene. I like parallels to other great pop culture works like Harry Potter. I thought there was sort of a Game of Thrones parallel to the first episode of season 2 with the common theme of uniting two groups that don’t like each other to fight one enemy. Whether Favreau does that intentionally is unknown to me.

When they get back to the Ship with the spiders chasing them is another crucial scene that I think will be a big part of the plot as long as the Frog is with the Mandalorian. The scene has the spiders being very close to getting baby Yoda but then we find out the Frog is strapped! She pulls out the 9 and takes out the 3 spiders harassing America’s Sweetheart. Hell of a shot too, considering the one spider was on the Child’s head. The Mandalorian gains respect for the Frog in this moment for protecting his friend. That is something that I feel the Frog will continue to earn as long as she is with Mando. Mando tries to start his ship and it looks like me starting my car on a January morning. I don’t know how he gets that thing fixed so fast because it wouldn’t even start and he puts minimal work in up to this point to get it starting. Kind of a flaw in the story to me but I digress. It gets off the ground until the Giant Spider trampolines onto it like Supa Fly Jimmy Snuka. Then when you think it is all over for the terrific trio, the Feds help our friends out by taking down the preposterously large arachnid. The episode starts with them chasing the Mandalorian down and ends with them saving his life and granting him immunity.

The episode concludes with The Mandalorian, the Child and the Frog continuing their journey and Baby Yoda slurping down a roadie egg for good measure. This episode leaves us with endless possibilities for what we will see in this Friday’s episode. 

What will they run into next? Do we see a continuation of the Boba Fett Storyline? Does the Frog have more surprises up her sleeve? A lot of answers to uncover and I know I’m stoked for it.

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