Wing Review 3 – Dino’s (Greensburg, PA)

If you have been following me for awhile, this is the one you have been waiting for. My official wing review of Dino’s.

This trip took me back to my hometown of Greensburg, PA to feast on 20 of the finest hens at Dino’s. This is the home of what I have claimed to be my all-time favorite wings (to this point in life). Dino’s Sweet & Hot is something special. On this trip I had some of their Slicker wings and some Hot as well.

Strap in. Here we go.

Left to Right: Hot, Sweet & Hot, Slicker

Sweet & Hot: Why not start with the best? So, I’ll admit — after further review, I rated this one a few decimal points lower when I was on video (by the way, check out the video below). This continues to deliver again and again. A pure explosion of your sweet and hot taste buds coming together. A little more sweet than hot with this combo, but it’s right on the money. On the video I gave this a nine point three, but I’m revising my score. My review — my rules. 9.6/10

Slicker: This is a really underrated wing if you ever venture to Dino’s. All the talk is about Sweet & Hot or their other award winners, but this is a flavor that mixes hot, barbecue and garlic, which pays off nicely when it meets your mouth. I have found that it’s also a solid complement to the Sweet & Hot. 8.2/10

Hot: A homemade hot sauce, which you don’t get everywhere. Often times you can tell when a place’s hot sauce is just Frank’s Red Hot or another generic sauce, but Dino’s puts together a homemade blend with a hint of butter to battle the heat. 7.4/10

Check out Dino’s website and menu below! #COMON

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