The Number One Draft Pick In The 2020 NHL Draft Goes To: The New York Rangers

By Austin Shaw

Well, no surprise here. The Penguins did not get the number one overall pick. What a double whammy. The Penguins don’t make the playoffs and don’t get the number one pick. The way it should be. The number one pick went to The New York Rangers. Who will inevitably choose Alexis Lafrenière. Him on a line with Panarin or Kakko… Scary.

What does this mean for The Penguins? Well, they will either have the 15th overall pick or give it to Minnesota. If they give it to Minnesota, they will keep their first round pick in 2021. If they keep the 15th overall this year, they lose their 1st round pick in 2021. They could still trade for a first round pick though.

This draft class doesn’t seem as deep as years in the past. All anyone talks about is Lafrenière. Last year I could name over 10 guys. There has been zero talk about anyone besides him. But, I think after what just happened, The Pens need a top 15 pick this year. We will find out in seven days or less if The Pens are picking in the first round.

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