Penguins Postgame Commentary: Stanley Cup Qualifying Series (Game 4)

By COMON Network Team

Final Score – Montreal Canadiens 2, Pittsburgh Penguins 0 (Montreal wins series 3-1)

3rd Star: Artturi Lehkonen (MTL) – GWG

2nd Star: Tristan Jarry (PIT) – 21 SV, 1 GA

1st Star: Carey Price (MTL) – 22 SV, 0 GA

The 24th seed in the bubble has advanced into the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Penguins can return home from the bubble life, after Montreal took game four, and with it, the Stanley Cup Qualifying series, by a final of 1-0. What wasn’t a very offensive-minded hockey game saw its only goal with just over four minutes remaining in the third, as four Pens watch a Canadien score on a puck that sat just outside the crease and was buried by Artturi Lehkonen. Carey Price pitched a shutout, stopping all 22 of the shots he faced in the series-clinching win for the Habs. Tristan Jarry made 21 saves in his playoff debut. An empty netter went in as well.

COMON Network Team Commentary


  • I’m sick. This is embarrassing as hell. This is worse than last year BY FAR. 
  • There was no offense. Plain and simple. They didn’t get the puck deep they didn’t get the puck in the net. There is nothing else to say. They got outplayed by a shit team who had no business being there. 
  • This is hands down the worst loss in Pittsburgh Penguins history. With the lineup and depth the Penguins have, there is no reason that should’ve been a series. 
  • I’m not even looking forward to next season or the draft. Four games of Penguins hockey and I’m done. Glad I don’t have to watch them play like complete shit anymore.
  • I guess this is what happens to teams that are so successful for so long. It happened to The Blackhawks after they won their third in 2015. You watch. They’ll miss the playoffs next year. 

Player of the Game – Carey Price (MTL)


  • 1st: Penguins looked great in the gate. Jarry hasn’t really gotten into the playoff debut just yet after only facing five shot attempts in the opening period. Geno took a silly penalty, but the PK has done a great job all series honestly. Penguins are dictating the pace of play which is their game. Keep the Habs back on the heels and strike early in the second period. Crosby ripped a shot off Price’s dome followed by Horny sending a tight angle shot off the post. Shots are 8-5 at the end of one, but feels like is 12-3. A storyline to watch the rest of this game is Crosby’s ice time; the birthday boy had just over 19 and a half minutes of ice time in game three. I expect to see him near the 22 to 24-minute mark in the game as it is a win or go home game. Pittsburgh does not want Sid to go home on his birthday a loser.
  • 2nd: That was an incredible boring period of hockey. As a buddy of mine said: “this is like watching two peewee teams play.” Price is looking great still with the only real chance came from Crosby, but he fell during the shot attempt. Not much to talk about with that one. Time to turn it on Penguins.
  • 3rd:22 shots a piece and 26 faceoff wins each, but the Habs win. Lehkonen sneaks one past Jarry with a little over four to play and that was all they needed. Penguins are out. Season is over again before it really started backup. What a shame.

Player of the Game – Carey Price (MTL)


  • Here’s what the Penguins’ guys on the ice looked like just before the game-winning goal, and they all stood there and watched as their season melted away. Embarrassing. Pathetic. I don’t know what else to say about this so just look at it.
  • I don’t even want to give this the time of day. The Montreal Canadiens may damn well be the worst team to ever be in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Their fans are fuming. They’re punching air. They’re throwing things and breaking their TV’s and their team WON THE SERIES.
  • I’m not even going to assign blame in Game 4 other than that picture above. The stars stunk, the offense was non-existent and this series even being a series is a sick and cruel joke. Under no circumstance should Montreal have even come close to winning this series, and now the Pens have a 12.5% chance to get the No. 1 overall pick. I guess we’ll see you guys Monday.
  • Mike Sullivan may have seen his Pens’ tenure come to an end here. Hockey coaches have short shelf lives. If it’s me; he’s gone, if anything just to send a message that this isn’t okay. That’s two straight postseasons they get bounced in embarrassing fashion.
  • The Penguins have lost 10 of their past 11 playoff games. I know everyone is going to blame Jack Johnson, but that’s on the stars. That’s on the coaching. That’s pathetic. Today’s state of the Pens is a FAR CRY from the two cups in a row.

Player of the Game – Carey Price

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