Wing Review 2: Wiggy’s (Green Tree)

By Donny Chedrick

These hens sat in their old cages for an hour before they were moved, but wow, did they impress.

I did not eat these at or around Wiggy’s. Somebody got a group takeout order and drove roughly an hour with 100 wings in boxes before anyone consumed them. It really makes me wonder what these bad boys taste like right out of the oven because I was very satisfied.

From left to right: Wing Dust, Stingin’ Honey Garlic, Buffalo Parmesan, Chipotle Ranch

This was the first time I had Wiggy’s wings despite hearing many good things about them. They did not disappoint. The flavors didn’t exactly follow our typical guidelines of ‘hot and a specialty flavor,’ but they were too good to not judge. You could argue that I should not judge until I have them fresh at the restaurant, but do not fear. If you’re a fan of Wiggy’s, these are getting good scores.

Stingin’ Honey Garlic: We will start with the first one I tried. The flavor was eye-popping. I liked it that much. A tremendous combination of sweet from the honey with the salty of the garlic. This is one I would definitely get again and again. 9.1/10

Buffalo Parmesan: I’m not a huge fan of parmesan wings, but there is no doubt that it is a staple flavor at almost any reputable wing joint. The mix with Buffalo sauce isn’t groundbreaking, but has always been an interesting pair to me and I don’t know why. Probably my least favorite of this foursome, but still a pretty good set of hens. 6.8/10

Wing Dust: Damn, I love a good dry rub. For wings, that is — get your mind out of the gutter. Anytime I get a bevy of wings, I try to have a dry rub included among the other sauces I select as a good way to counteract the other flavors I take in. If you ever want to go by the same strategy, Wiggy’s has one worth trying. 7.9/10

Chipotle Ranch: This was a tasty one. Almost a mix of a dry rub and a sauce that made for a really good flavor. Highly recommend it. 8.4/10

I really need to eat at Wiggy’s in person as soon as possible because if I was this impressed by their wings that made a one-hour car trip, I can only imagine what they are like fresh. This was a pretty stacked lineup with flavors I enjoy. Almost Four Horsemen-esque. Somebody call Ric Flair. WOOOOOOOOO.

Check out Wiggy’s menu below!

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