“Best To Bet” For The Stanley Cup Playoffs

By Austin Shaw

Welcome to the first, “Best to Bet” from COMON Network.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are finally here and we have some INSANE odds to take advantage of. Now when I talk betting I’m going to use the term unit. A unit is your normal base bet. So, if you’re a $10 bet guy, that’s a unit. If I say 1 unit its $10. If I say 1.5 units, it’s $15. Simple right?

Odds Based off of FanDuel Sportsbook as of July 30th at 10 a.m.

Here are all of the odds I think are good for Stanley Cup Champion:

Tampa Bay Lightning +650 – 1 unit

Colorado Avalanche +800 – 1 unit

Pittsburgh Penguins +1500 – 2.5 units

Dallas Stars +1600 – 0.5 unit

Edmonton Oilers +2500 – 1 unit

Chicago Blackhawks +6500 – 0.5 unit

I’ve got money on Boston, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Colorado. Now I placed these bets in late February. So I got shit odds compared to now. But I put more than 2 units on them all.

Here’s what I have from back in February:

Dallas Stars +1400

Pittsburgh Penguins +1000

Colorado Avalanche +900

Boston Bruins +700

Tampa Bay Lightning +550

I don’t understand how the Penguins odds went up. They got Guentzel back. They had a camp. They have an advantage I feel. I think that the odds now are all so high that it won’t hurt throwing down $10 on each team you like. Chicago just destroyed the St. Louis Blues, 4-0 in the exhibition. Yeah it was an exhibition but you can’t tell me that the returning Stanley Cup Champions didn’t try to score a goal on a goalie who had one day to practice. If that +6500 doesn’t turn you on, I don’t know what will. Put something on them, even if it’s $1. $1 to win $65. Safe bet.

Now, if you want some good first game odds:

Chicago to win game one vs Edmonton at +125

Colorado to win round robin game vs St. Louis at -110

Dallas to win round robin game vs Vegas at +110

Washington to win round robin game vs Tampa +110

Carolina to win game one vs Rangers at -130

Pittsburgh to win game one vs Montreal at -170

I’d say those are all safe to take a chance on. I’m not saying bet all of them. But when I do bet, those would be ones I would consider. Don’t go big on any of those though. We haven’t see much hockey besides the exhibitions. But since sports betting is back, I know all you degenerates aren’t going to be able to handle yourself.

Again, Hockey is back. Sports are back. Betting is back.


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