The Pittsburgh Penguins Are Back and They’re Winning the Cup

Feature Image Credit: Penguins Instagram

By Austin Shaw

Hockey is back! The Pittsburgh Penguins are going to be insane. As everyone knows, COVID-19 shortened the NHL regular season right when things were about to get good. Now, The Pens have a short camp to gain chemistry with the new players that were acquired at the deadline.

Oh and guess who is back…

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Here is a list of players that could be in the lineup that all made training camp via Penguins Instagram:

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Squad goals 💪

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I mean seriously, is there a more stacked team? The forwards… the most depth in the league. Find me more depth on another team please.

If I had to create forward lines myself:

Line One: Guentzel, Sid, Zucker.

Line Two: Sheary, Geno, Rust.

Line Three: Blueger, Marleau, Hornqvist.

Line Four: Tanev, McCann, Lafferty.

Now, is it likely this will happen? No chance. They’re gonna have ZAR probably and for some reason Rodriguez if I had to guess. I really want to see Marleau with Hornqvist on the third line. Blueger is a stud and should be with them. Lafferty should without a doubt make this team for the playoffs. But I guess we will have to wait and see.

Simon is out six months due to shoulder surgery. That is a gift, honestly. The guy is a total liability. Sully loves him and loves him on line one for some reason. The guy couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn all season.

The Penguins’ defense is going to be solid. My lines for that would be as follows…

Line One: Tanger Marino.

Line Two: Dumo Schultz.

Line Three: JJ and Pettersson.

I think they’ll be fine. I was really starting to like JJ toward the end of the year. Marino is a damn beast and so underrated.

Lastly, the Messiah, Matthew Murray will start in net. The TWO TIME STANLEY CUP CHAMPION… AS A ROOKIE. I will die on my shield for Matt Murray. Yeah his glove can be rough, yeah he lets in some crap goals here and there. But he is clutch when he has to be. One of the reasons why I became such a huge Matt Murray fan was because of his rebound control. Fleury was always flipping and flopping around. Murray’s ability to not give up the rebound is what I feel really helped them win those two cups.

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So the Pens for some reason are not heavy favorites this post season. 5th in the East. Let’s not forget how many injuries the Penguins faced this season.

Look at this awesome chart done by @ManGamesLostNHL

Okay look at Pittsburgh, third most man games lost in the league with nearly 300 and the most amount of wins out of the three (WPG, CBJ). Now look at Washington. Are you kidding me? These guys literally had just over 50 man games lost and only one fewer win than the Capitals. Hockey is a team sport but that’s damn impressive. So impressive that it’s a complete joke that Mike Sullivan isn’t in the running for coach of the year.

300 man games lost, 40 wins in 69 games… That’s gotta be a record or something. I mean hell, Columbus had 350 man games lost and 33 wins. So really, no reason why Sully shouldn’t be in talks for COTY.

At least Sully got this…

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a look at the playoff bracket.

Honestly though, I see the playoffs going like this for the Penguins. They will beat the Habs 3-1. I think they’ll Philly next but that’s if there isn’t many upsets. I think they’ll win that, 4-2. Next will likely be Washington. They beat them 4-2 like usual. The next round is tough. But I’m going with it being the Pens and Tampa in the Conference Final. Probably a seven game series. I got the Pens 4-3. Then the Stanley Cup Finals. The West is going to be tough. I think the Avs are going to come out on top. I have the Pens over Avs in the Final 4-2. Now if you remember last year, the bracket was broken in the first round and honestly, anything can happen. And although that’s the most cliche saying in sports it is the absolute truth in this case. COVID flipped the world of sports upside down. It’s like a brand new season except it’s starting with the playoffs. Don’t forget, they will reseed after each round. Which is what they used to do years ago. All I can say is, I am pumped.

Here is the schedule for the first round:

Photo Courtesy: NBC Sports

Let’s not forget, the exhibition games…

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Yeah, the first NHL game in nearly five months will be the battle of Pennsylvania. Inject that in my veins. Preview for that coming soon. COMON.

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