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NASCAR Playoff Preview: Round 2

Who’s in and What Challenges Lie Ahead? By Brennen McCall, Racing Contributor The first round in the NASCAR Playoffs has ended and it wasn’t short on excitement and drama. Crashes, tight point battles and hurt feelings kept the excitement alive right down to the final lap of Bristol. Twelve drivers have outlasted their competitors and

Adam Cole is All Elite BAY BAY… The Decision, Excellent; The Timing?

By Sean Saputo Adam Cole is arguably one of the top five to 10 professional wrestlers in the world today. No matter what promotion he steps foot in, he is on the top of the card and truly a guy that a company can build its future around. A guy that has drawn comparisons to

Donny Football Hot Takes: #1 – Tampa Bay Repeats

By Donny Chedrick This may or may not be a hot take depending on who you ask, but Tampa Bay is my Super Bowl LVI champion. Tom Brady is going for his eighth championship — EIGHTH. CHAMPIONSHIP. As much as I’ve hated the guy over the years, that is simply incredible to think about. He

Can We Get A COMON?